Technical Communications & User Support

The right support for real users

When the neighbor in the next cubicle doesn't have the answer or the manual, where do your users turn? Providing the right kind of support is critical to helping users become productive quickly, and keeping your customers happy with your product.

The Right Words has produced user support for over 15 years, and we stay on top of emerging tools and technology, to ensure that support really helps users get the job done.

  • On-line Help: We'll design your help system to provide immediate task-based help and contextual information to answer the how's and the why's of using your software.
  • User Guides: Step-by-step procedures, graphical points of reference and troubleshooting pointers are key to producing guides that answer the questions users at every experience level are going to ask.
  • Systems Documentation: Installation, configuration and trouble-shooting reference material, including database setup and implementation where appropriate.
  • Operational Documentation: compliance-based and best practices-focused, the handbooks, policy and procedures, and other documentation ensures proper operation of your business.
  • Interface Design: The key to keeping support costs down, and user acceptance up is providing a user interface that is usable, navigable and intuitive. We'll work with your developers and analysts to create an intuitive and usable GUI for Windows® or web-based applications
  • Training Materials: Train-the-trainer, CBT, self-study and motivational training aids to keep your organization moving ahead.
  • Project Documentation: From the charter to the closeout report, the right level of documentation supports project management by detailing objectives, requirements, designs, implementation and testing activities, and evaluation throughout the life of the project.
  • Consumer information guides: Assure your customers with down-to-earth, accurate informaton that answers the questions they have about your products and services.

Whether you're planning the next release of your software, implementing new policy, or providing consumer education materials to your customers, let us help you plan, design and execute information that helps.